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Guidelines For Authors

Guidelines For Authors

Submission Process

Authors are encouraged to submit original, unpublished manuscripts that align with the journal’s scope. Submissions should be made electronically, adhering to the “Subodh Citation Style” (SCS)  for references. 

Manuscript Preparation

– Manuscripts should be prepared in English, double-spaced, and include an abstract of no more than 250 words. 

– Articles should typically not exceed 10,000 words, including footnotes. 

– Authors should ensure their submissions are accompanied by a declaration of originality. 

Review Process

Each submission undergoes a rigorous peer-review process, ensuring the publication of high-quality scholarship. Authors will be informed about the review outcome and may be requested to revise  their manuscripts according to reviewers’ comments. 

Publication Ethics 

Subodh Citation Style (SCS) Overview:


Single Author: Author’s Name, Title of the Book, p. no. (Publisher, Place of Publication, Edition/Year).

Multiple Authors: First Two Authors’ Names et al., Title of the Book, p. no. (Publisher, Place of Publication, Edition/Year).


Journal Articles: Author’s Name, “Title of the Article,” Journal Name vol. no., page no. (Year).

Essays in Edited Books: Author’s Name, “Title of the Essay,” in Editors’ Names (eds.), Title of the Book, p. no. (Publisher, Edition/Year).

Legal Cases (As per ILI style)

Case Title in Text: Name v. Name, citation in footnote.

Case Law in Footnote: Full citation including case title, reporter, and page number.


Act Name Year (Act No. of Year) &  section number.

Online Sources

Author/Entity, Title, available at URL (last visited Date).

Special Features for Social Sciences

Emphasize the context in which social science research is discussed or applied.

Provide for citing interviews, documentaries, and non-traditional sources relevant to social science research.

Referencing Repeated Sources

Use “supra” for above-cited sources with the option to include a different page number.

“Ibid.” for the same source and page as the immediately preceding citation; “Id.” if the page differs.